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Life is tough. The Doctor’s Zen Blend CBD Tincture is specially designed to help you achieve the peace of mind to confront it head on. The Doctor’s Zen Blend uses the cutting edge science to ease stress, nerves, mental fog, general anxiety, and depression-like symptoms. Using a unique blend of pure CBD and herbal terpenes, Zen Blend fortifies your nervous system, soothes inflammation, and puts your mind at ease, allowing you to deal with the ups and downs of life on your own terms. Taken by mouth in the morning, Zen Blend will help you be your best self throughout the day.

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Best Over The Counter Pain Relief

The Doctor’s Selected Spectrum® Zen Blend CBD Tincture uses our patent-pending Selected Spectrum® technology to cleanse your mind and help you push through daily stress and general anxiety. Taken once per day by mouth, The Doctor’s Zen Blend will:

  • Help relieve stress, general anxiety, and depression-like symptoms
  • Increase your mental fortitude
  • Start working within 10 minutes
  • Leave no aftertaste
  • Have no side effects

Benefits of CBD

CBD is well documented to reduce various forms of pain, inflammation, and can even reduce daily anxiety, and our Selected Spectrum technology brings this to the next level. Daily use can help you to manage and overcome your symptoms, letting you live your fullest life.


In 2018 the Farm Bill removed Hemp from Schedule 1 regulations. This means that everyday citizens can legally use CBD.

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